This gently being on the earth
will last forever.
This gently going to and fro
will go on forever.
When someone asks,
“What is the millennium?”
Tell them it is this:
gently being on the earth,
gently going to and fro.
This is love eternal,
Simply this.



Of the April rain
In moist air standing
Listening to the water’s drip
On new leaves

Of the yellow and green air
In late afternoon stillness
While the buds slowly open



My Dear friends do you recall
How spring arrives so unconcerned
With human circumstance.

Snow still falls on mountain tops,
While in the valleys brooks join streams
Join rivers running to the sea
As if for an eternity.
Soft breezes blow
Storms drench the land,
Warming sun wakes the seed.
The grass, the flowers spring to life.
The trees renew their leafy canopy.
The bear groans in her den,
Rolls over, peering out again
With two new little faces by her heavy head.

The seasons come, the season go.
But at the center
All beings stand together saying Yes!
We are all here.
We come. We go.
We will return



And times passing.
How often we are fooled
Thinking a fence will last forever.
Yet frost and thaw
Work their changes
Silently, unnoticed,
Until one day
The posts are heaved up
Then lie motionless on the ground.
Again we look across the open land,
Look to the sea,
Wondering what tomorrow will bring
Along a path that not long ago
Seemed familiar.



A summers day
Set warm and blue
Against that night
Beyond our present seeing.
And I slowly sauntering
Among the golden hills,
Seeking to dream my dream.

Beneath an ancient tree
The shade is soft
The earth is cool
As I lie down
In tall, deep giving grass
To dream my dream.

The earth turns slowly
The days pass by
The seasons come and go
As I lie sleeping
In this golden grass
Dreaming my dream
Of the earth.



This morning
Like an invisible cloak
Soft and silken
Her fragrance
Enveloped me
Her warm body
Smelling of chamomile
Salted plums
And violets
Her breath like earth
After a summers rain
Her hair like musk
Of crushed autumn leaves
Her murmur
Soft as falling snow.

She sat cross-legged
In the warming sun
Gazing at her feet
While the bees droned
In the garden
And the mead makers
Hummed to themselves
As they prepared the feast



Early one morning
In the half light of an autumn morning
My new life came to me
Like a soft mist
Rising from a cool meadow
Being warmed by the early sun.

It came
Not as I had expected
Not like a nova’s burst
Nor the flash of a lightening strike.
No, not like that
It came quite gently
Enveloping me in its soft cloak of leaves.
And then I knew
As I have known from time to time
That my life would be
A benediction upon the world
Upon the land.

And I opened my heart
And was taken by my old lover
The earth.
And we were happy.



This I know.
Around the bowel of heaven
Stars will follow in their course
Unnoticed by me.

Trees will rustle in the breeze
Will shed their golden leaves
And sleep
Unnoticed by me.

The garden will
With wild glee
Return to its original nature
Untended by me.

Friends will meet
Greet each other
Drink wine and laugh
But I will not share in their merriment.

People I have known and loved
Will pass away
But I will not be there
To carry their stories.

What I will carry with me
I do not yet know
When my own time comes
To be no longer noticed



Time is of no consequence
Earlier each day
The sun sinks behind the mountain.
On the path
Shadows envelop me
Before I reach the hut.
Soon darkness will be welcomed
Before my evening meal.
The year too grows long and late.
Stars splash across the darkened sky.
Frost sparkles on the wilted plants.
The deepest night approaches
And all that will remain
Of this long and lonesome year.
A rising moon.



Every face
The face of eternity
Every gesture
A motion
Of an unseen presence
Our lives
Between birth and death
The sweep of a cosmic brush
Revealing between
The then and the might be
The timeless joy
Of existence



Autumn quietly slips away.
Down countless streams
Bright leaves flow to the sea.
On the inlets edge,
Geese graze among the drifting leaves.
They lift their heads,
They hesitate,
Then with eternal certainty,
The geese fly home.



The time is near
When a new light radiates
From the heart of the Earth
And a new World opens its’ possibilities
To a new dawn.

The time is near
When the sorrows of the ages
Flow down the mountain streams
Through canyons and dark forests
Across broad fields and meadows
And are lost in the vast sea.

The time is near
When the deserts bring forth green things
And bloom as the rose in mid summer
And an healing well springs forth
Where no water was.

The time is near
When the humans sing a new song
Lifting their voices
With the chorus of all beings
Both seen and unseen.

The time is near
When the heart of the Earth opens
To a new giving and receiving
And the radiant and shinning world
Is born into the expectant universe.
For I have seen the Earth shining in space
And know the radiant glory of the New World.

The time is near.
Soon the time will come.


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