old year new year
placing an unopened note
in the flaming hearth

through morning mist
the arrival of spring

trilling wood
where in the tangle lives
the songster

spring breeze
my spirit soars
with the kite

a beach house
empties into summer

ancient love song…
how the orchid opens its throat
to receive the bee

summer’s end
next year’s blossom
in the daylily root

Autumn loneliness…
over the dunes spent blossom
scatter in the wind

cracked buckeye husk
my palm open
to the sun

wrinkled figs
these hands that have plucked
so much fruit

crystal moon
the sound of ice

lunar eclipse
I ease into the darkness

winter morning
luminous above the canyon
fog floats toward solstice




morning glory morning
the tightly wound bud
flares into blue

sunning stone
a lizard warms
his sluggish blood

the stream and I
relax our flow…
summer shade

screen door slam
cookies and lemonade
placed on the table

deepening twilight
squeak of a swing
in the cooling air


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